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You are about to live one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Drop any expectations, pre-concepts or beliefs you have about cold water and get ready to live the moment as it is.

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Before entering the water garden, take a few seconds in a comfortable position (it can be standing, in a chair, or lying on your back) to prepare your body and mind.


Close your eyes, observe the pattern of your breathing, allow the flow of thoughts and gradually widen your attention to all the sensations of the body. 


This simple exercise helps you, once you enter the water garden, to perceive and get used to the sensations in a neutral way. 

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Once you have entered the garden, choose 1 or more of the following guidelines to establish your focus and intention


  1. Remember that entering the garden is a meditative practice of self-knowledge. Entering the water is just a means to go to the depths of yourself and get to know yourself better. 

  2. Enjoy the experience of entering a living pond, remembering that everything around you (plants, algae, micro and macro animals) is working in synchrony to keep the water in a state of vitality, purity and transparency. Soak up life. 

  3. Imagine that you are entering a sacred pool with the intention of purifying yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Ask the essence of the  water to help you activate the inner power of transmutation and healing.

  4. Imagine that you are suspended in the waters inside the womb of mother earth. Feel how the contact with the water balances you, regulates you, nourishes you. Visualize entering the water garden as a process of renewal and rebirth.

  5. If you are in a couple or in a group, establish some point of contact (eg, holding on to shoulder level and forming a circle) and feel how a collective force emerges that supports you. 

  6. Create your own way to enjoy this powerful experience and share it with us by writing to whatsapp 3147967955

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