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Vegetarian diet… Probably you have heard the explanation: a diet eminently made up of products that sprout from the earth; the vegetables and their derivatives. Or as explained by the Royal Spanish Academy, vegetarianism is a “diet based primarily on the consumption of plant products, but that allows the use of live animal products, such as eggs, milk, etc.”. However, this regime has some variants, such as pure vegetarians, who do not admit any intake of animal products (such as eggs, dairy products or even honey from bees); and there are also the lactovegetarians, who do consume milk, the ovovegetarians, who consume eggs, the ovolactovegetarians, who consume both products, and on the other hand there are those who do not feed on anything animal or use products from them, called vegans. Whatever the variant, there are millions of people in the world who follow a vegetarian lifestyle, with the intention of both eating healthy and respecting the integrity of the animals.

A diet is vegetarian, does not mean that it is a repetitive series of similar foods that end up boring the person in the long run. Quite the opposite. As everything related to the world of cooking, the great secret to innovate and the potential needed to create both nutritious and delicious foods, is creativity and good taste. The fact of not including meats in our dishes goes from being a limitation to a rapidly forgettable condition. They are, in fact, almost unlimited creations that can be generated with the large number of ingredients that we have to let our imagination fly in the kitchen, always under the parameters of the vegetarian philosophy, to prepare recipes very pleasant to the palate.

In Casa Sumapaz we want to show this immense world of possibilities to our clients, where they can discover the wonders and possibilities that this fine art can offer. For this we have created surprising and novel dishes, with all the good taste and magnificence that the world of vegetarian cuisine can offer, it will be the great way to go. Imagine, for example, the variety of gluten-free empanadas of different types that you can prepare by mixing different vegetable fillings! In addition, alternatives such as pasta, tofu, grains, cereals and germinated seeds allow to create true edible wonders that, besides being innovative for the palate, make up a set of healthy food.

Organize your retreats with Sumpaz and take this gastronomic experience to your community! We invite you to visit our website so you can discover with details our products and services. You will discover that we are much more than a retreat center, because we are committed to training our clients and helping them improve their quality of life. Take the first step towards a lifestyle based on healthy food today.

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