Nature is the source of human sustenance; also home to millions of species that have coexisted for thousands of years in a harmonious way. At Casa Sumapaz we acknowledge that our own well-being depends on our capacity to preserve this delicate balance.

We invite you to feel part of Casa Sumapaz and its environment while you enjoy and take delight on the beauty and abundance of life.

Immerse yourself in Casa Sumapaz´s natural environment by:

  • Hiking through an organic coffee farm immersed in the native forest.
  • Birdwatching. No only native species, but also migratory birds that arrive at Casa Sumapaz as part of their journey.
  • Nourishing yourself with fruits and vegetables that come from our organic garden.
  • Breathing pure and revitalizing fresh air.
  • Taking Delight in astonishing sunsets.
  • Merging at night with the forest´s lullaby sounds.

We hope that your days at Casa Sumapaz will bring you re-connection, rest, healing and deep peace.

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