Casa Sumapaz Retreat Center honors with its name the Sumapaz region where it is located. Sumapaz region is also home to the largest ¨Páramo¨ in the world. ¨Páramo¨ is an exclusive high mountain ecosystem of the South American Andes with endemic fauna and flora.

Its perfect climate is the result of the combination of the fresh breeze that descends from the Páramo and the warm air that rises from the Magdalena valley through the Sumapaz river canyon.

Casa Sumapaz Retreat Center located 70 km (44 miles) southwest of Bogotá, capital city of Colombia in the municipality of Arbelaez. At 1500 meters above sea level in a mountain forest, with average temperatures between 18 and 24 ° C (65 – 75 °F).

Casa Sumapaz


1) A natural environment for relaxation and re-vitalization.

2) Comfortable lodging, dining room, kitchen and outdoor terrace for gatherings and sharing.

3) Large multi-purpose event rooms where body-mind-spirit practices can take place.

4) A whole food, plant based menu with most of its ingredients coming from organic gardens. Balanced and delicious.

5) Aquatic Garden to stimulate your senses, hiking through the organic coffee farm Satori, birdwatching, breathtaking sunsets and more.

Meet Our

We have designed a comfortable space with accommodation in multiple rooms and a social complex to develop holistic practices of body-mind-spirit integration.

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