"Water is the driving force of nature" Leonardo da Vinci.


Casa Sumapaz commits to a sustainable management of our natural resources. We have installed a wastewater treatment system that allows us to return the water to the environment in optimal conditions. Casa Sumapaz is part of the harmonious journey that water makes from its birth at the páramo, traveling through frailejones, mosses, streams, lagoons and rivers, where it is charged with life, minerals, energy and stories.

One of Casa Sumapaz highlights is our Aquatic Garden. This space resembles the processes that happen in a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Macrophytes, which are plants that like to spend their lives in water, are responsible for consuming the available nutrients and also provide a favorable habitat for microscopic life. The framework of stems, leaves, rhizomes and roots, stones, gravels and sands, are the appropriate environment for the cultivation of a colony of beneficial microorganisms called biofilm where the majority of processes that keep the water in equilibrium take place.

The Aquatic Garden is the ideal place to meditate and nourish your senses with the stimulating force of living water.

The Aquatic Garden of Casa Sumapaz has been designed by Paissá, a water and landscaping office with activities in Spain and Colombia.

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