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Casa Sumapaz is a holistic center where retreats and events are held to add well-being within each person, add to the care of the community and add to the sustainability and regeneration of the Planet. Through loving and conscious management, the inhabitants, volunteers and work team at Casa Sumapaz are committed to giving back to nature and the local community all the abundance and beauty that they give us at each new dawn.

Casa Sumapaz bears the same name from the Sumapaz Region, which is home to the largest moor in the world. Casa Sumapaz is located 70 km to the southwest of Bogotá in the municipality of Arbelaez - Cundinamarca, at 1500 masl in a mountainous forest area and temperatures that vary between 18 and 24 °C.

Its perfectly dry climate is the result of the combination of the fresh air coming down from the Páramo and the warm breezes coming up from the Magdalena Valley through the Sumapaz River canyon.

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testimonios_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia

Valerie lopez

I loved the place, its facilities, the landscape, the atmosphere, the food, the garden, the practice in cold water, the yoga classes, the activities they do with the children, everything is magical.

testimonios_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia

Thank you for this space and this place of peace. How wonderful to know that you are only a few hours from home. Big project!!! Congratulations

testimonios_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia

¨The food, the planting of trees, the absence of televisions, the absence of brands of any kind (particularly packaged food), having an orchard in sight, the absence of radios and music from speakers. I loved everything.

Camila Gamboa

Andres Arboleda

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