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Our physical body is only the visible part of a complex network of matter, energy and consciousness. Through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga,  authentic movement among others,   we can maintain a fluid connection and communication between the different layers of our being and approach a state of harmony, inner peace and transcendence.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga integrates movement, breath, sound, meditation, and relaxation. These elements positively impact the health of the body and mind, restoring its natural ability to regenerate, self-regulate and balance.


Kundalini Yoga is a safe and guaranteed way to change the frequency and functioning of the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, and the patterns and structures of our physical, mental, and energetic bodies.


hatha yoga

According to Hatha Yoga, body, mind, and spirit are a Unit. Through postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana)  we create a balance in the flow of vital energy (prana) that manifests itself on multiple levels: General sensation of well-being and inner peace, strength and flexibility of the physical body,  a clear and focused mind, intuitive discernment, longing for connection with life and self-realization.


gong bath

The Gong is a ceremonial and therapeutic instrument that produces a wide spectrum of sound waves and vibrations. The sound of the Gong, the very sound of Creativity and the nucleus of the vibration of the Universe. The Gong Impacts the physical body and the energy meridians , stimulates circulation, reduces tension and has a revitalizing effect on the nervous and endocrine systems, reorganizes energy patterns and mental patterns, allows us to relax in a state of deep meditation and tunes the flow of our personal vibration with  wide spectrum of vibration of the Universe.


Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage

(Therapist Gloria Buitrago)


We believe in the power of alignment and healing that the Relaxing / Therapeutic Massage has. It helps us release tension and fatigue, revitalizes us and gives us an instant experience of general well-being and fullness. It is one of our favorite self-care tools and we recommend it to all the people who visit us. Gloria or ¨Glorilla¨ as we affectionately call her is a combination of wisdom, long experience, virtuosity, loving dedication and Service.  Schedule your massage during your next few days at Casa Sumapaz. !



Archery is considered a path of self-knowledge and spiritual realization. The objective is not to hit the center of the target, but to find a balanced physical-mental and spiritual state, capable of influencing the rest of the actions of our life. When the archer, bow, arrow and target have merged with each other, then the notion of separation from the SELF disappears and we realize that the one who shoots the arrow is not ourselves but the very presence of the Spirit that encompasses everything. and it permeates everything. 

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