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One of our favorite practices is to start the day by taking a cold water bath in the water garden. Controlled cold water baths produce a wide spectrum of benefits that add to the well-being of the body and mind.


Some benefits of the stimulating force of cold water are:


  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Tones the immune, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems.

  • Reduces inflammation and the feeling of tiredness and pain in the muscles. 

  • Develops the natural ability to regulate temperature and adapt to cold. 

  • It has an ¨antiaging¨  or anti-aging effect. 

  • It can relieve symptoms of depression, improve mood, and reduce anxiety and stress. 

  • It invites us to get out of our comfort zone  increasing resilience, courage and willpower. 


It should be practiced with caution and moderation by people who have had a stroke, who experience migraine headaches, or who have high blood pressure, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or epilepsy.

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