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Thanks to an immense curiosity and reverence for everything that sustains life, since 2000, while I was studying Biology at the University of Colombia,  I immersed myself in a car trip - knowledge and realization through the performing arts (theater, dance and contemporary circus), the ancient science of Yoga and Holistic nutrition. 


In 2011, together with Clara, my wife, I created Pan Vivo, a conscious eating workshop-kitchen. I was the founder of Sangat, a Kundalini Yoga school and facilitator of the international Kundalini Yoga Instructor Training program. Now I am the director of Casa Sumapaz, a refuge for life created to ADD peace within, peace in the community and add to the care and regeneration of the environment.

In the years 2003 to 2006 he studied Cinema at the CECC (Centre for Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia) Barcelona. In the year 2007-2008 she trained as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. In 2011 he founded in Bogotá, together with Sebastian Ramirez, the "Panvivo" kitchen-workshop and the "Sangat" Kundalini Yoga school.

In 2010 she traveled to Chile to take the specialization in Kundalini Yoga teachings for women; Later, in 2017, she attended the Conscious Pregnancy training to deepen the teaching of prenatal yoga. In 2018, he created and taught the pre and postnatal kundalini yoga training "BEING A MOTHER". 

In August 2019 se  inaugurates Casa Sumapaz, where she currently lives with her family, working the crops, doing art activities such as embroidery, crochet, clay, among others. Happily spending time and energy homeschooling her 2 children.

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We are Ariel and Elias. Casa Sumapaz is our House. We don't know the difference between life and school. Since March 2019, life has become school, and school has become life.

We like the forest, the river, the birds, the orchard, the art workshop, the mud house, traveling through the Sumapaz and getting to know our country by air and by land. 

We enjoy painting sacred geometry, bathing in the cold water of the waterfalls, jumping on the bounce house, playing table tennis, playing soccer and archery, getting up late, running barefoot, adding and multiplying with the caterpillars in the garden, learning English with duolingo. 

We are inspired by the life of Buddha, but Diego Aya inspired us much more, a friend who spoke to us about compassion and who has remained forever in our hearts. 

We read "Warrior Cats in the Wild Territory" before we sleep, we write down our dreams when we wake up. We're going to the river to read Percy Jackson. We write life one day at a time. We like to sing, laugh, fight, cry, reconcile and forgive. 

We do electronics projects, spend time in the woodshop building catapults and cat dens.

We like to kiss our dog Amitas on the mouth, take care of our precious cats Nieve Cristalina and Miel Amabar and bring guavas to Chimuelo (A horse with the personality of a dog). 

We are merchants of popsicles, chocolates, bird houses, works of art, smiles and dreams. 

We live in Sumapaz

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Founder of Casa Sumapaz

A visionary, an entrepreneur, a worker since he was a child, one of twelve MUÑOZ CALLE siblings,  paisa, dreamer and dream-maker, father of two beautiful daughters, two adored grandchildren, a blessed man!!!

"When we connect with ourselves we have the conscious opportunity to create relationships with a sense of beauty and service to others, to nature, to life."


¨When we tune into ourselves we have the opportunity to consciously create new relationships with a sense of beauty and service towards others, towards nature, towards life¨

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